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POTHOLES_.jpg (43499 bytes)

Lower gravyard falls.JPG (46757 bytes)

Black_Mountain_Summer_2.jpg (6655 bytes)


Lower Graveyard Falls Black Mountain Summer II

Wash Creek View.JPG (36237 bytes)

Plumtree Cabin.JPG (41715 bytes)

Roan Mtn. View.JPG (29713 bytes)

Wash Creek View

Plum Tree Cabin

Roan Mountain View

Pisgah Valley Fog +.jpg (17648 bytes)

French Broad Ice.JPG (27384 bytes)

Winding Stair Gap.JPG (38002 bytes)

Pisgah Valley Fog French Broad Ice Winding Stair Gap

Mabry Mill Fall.jpg (46395 bytes)

Whiteside in Holly Lake.JPG (31520 bytes)

Mabry Mill in Fall Whiteside Mountain in Holly Lake Looking Glass Rock

Pretty Place.JPG (20323 bytes)

Dave Miller Barn.JPG (39469 bytes)

Puckett Cabin.JPG (45262 bytes)

Pretty Place Dave Miller Barn Puckett Cabin

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