Landscapes 2

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Fly fsherman.JPG (51182 bytes)

Flyfisherman 2000.JPG (41907 bytes)

Mountain Ash web.JPG (45454 bytes)

Smoky Mountain Spring.JPG (45090 bytes)

Fly Fisherman Fly Fisherman 2000 Mountain Ash Smokey Mountain Spring

Haysville Daisies.JPG (41254 bytes)

Fall Maple Tree.JPG (60860 bytes)

N. Mills River 2000.JPG (42540 bytes)

US 276 Stream.JPG (36690 bytes)

Hayesville Dasies

Fall Maple Tree N. Mills River 2000 US 76 Stream

Blue_Ridge_Stream.jpe (35846 bytes)

Lindsey_Loop_Barn.jpg (48933 bytes)

Glade_Creek_Mill_Vert..jpe (31006 bytes)

Souther_Road_Barn.jpg (27079 bytes)

Blue Ridge Stream

Jackson Road Barn Glade Creek Mill Souther Road Barn

Grandfather_Mt._snow.jpe (26096 bytes)

Table Rock Autumn.jpg (66865 bytes)

Jackson_Rd._Barn.jpe (34176 bytes)

Grandfather Mountain Snow Table Rock in Autumn Jackson Road Barn

Old Logging Road 2

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